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About Me

Arjun Ghosh has been drawn towards art, specially painting, from an early age. To him life is an open book, the reference point for all his paintings- life with its myriad attractions, its joys and its sorrows. Inspite of his business commitments, the burning desire to pursue painting, as a matter passion, if not as a profession, has stayed with him.

The formative years: Whenever possible, Arjun would take time out from his busy schedule to visit the art galleries of Kolkata, observe with a keen eye the different painting styles of well-known artists. He has also been very much influenced by the work of the western classical painters, renaissance paintings as well as surrealism in art. He has avidly collected books on painting and scoured the internet to gain valuable knowledge on painters, as well as inputs on interpretation of symbols.

Arjun fondly recalls his meeting with the well-known senior painter, Bijan Choudhury, who in spite of ill-health, carefully looked at his paintings and gave him valuable ssuggestions and words of encouragement. Arjun has been seriously painting for the last ten years or so. ‘......and She’ is his first solo painting exhibition.

The Theme :Arjun's present collections of paintings are, without exception, woman-centric. They show women from all walks of life. But what he has specially wanted to depict in this present collection is how society has been cruel and unjust to women. Asked why this particular choice of theme, this is what Arjun has to say: Whatever profession you are in, today you cannot but be aware of what is happening around you. And women in torment, sadly, still remain a burningly relevant topic today. Every day you open the papers, or switch on the TV, you read or see incidents of atrocity being committed on women. Women being oppressed, subjugated, humiliated, hurt- both physically and mentally, brutalized against. I wouldn't consider myself a man if I didn't raise my voice of protest against this barbaric treatment. So, as long as they are mistreated in our society, I will carry on fighting for the cause of women.

By choosing women in agony as the theme of my painting I am only trying to spread the awareness of this problem to a larger public

Style : Use of mixed media: Acrylic, oil, charcoal, oil pastel- Arjun has made free use of different media, depending on the particular message of a painting. On the same canvas, a portion of the painting may have been rendered in charcoal to convey a particular thought or emotion, while another part of the same canvas may have been painted in oil to convey some other thought.Use of mixed media, Arjun feels, has given him much more freedom of expression, making his paintings more vibrant and meaningful It’s always mixed media. Major works is on surrealism and cubism.

Recognition Awarded, Siksha Ratan Puroskar, at India Habitat Centre New Delhi on 2010 for contribution in the field of education.